Mold Removal: Mold Testing, Inspection & Other Mold Remediation Services in Grand Prairie, TX

Mold isn’t going anywhere. It has been on the earth for millions of years, but our mold remediation experts in Grand Prairie can reduce the bad molds that exist in your building. If a place is damp, it has the potential to breed mold and that can spell trouble for your property. The longer a place remains damp, the more likely mold will run rampant in the area. Our experts will perform a mold inspection and target any of it existing in your building with mold removal.

About Mold in Grand Prairie

The moist and humid air of Grand Prairie is conducive to mold growth. Mold reproduces through tiny spores that spread through airborne travel. Mold is everywhere around us and we inhale miniscule amounts every day. But when mold enters a building and finds a damp spot to reproduce, the spores invade in high concentrations. They are inhaled, and that is when the health problems can begin. Our mold inspection experts minimalize their presence in your Grand Prairie building to make it as safe as possible.

Grand Prairie Mold Misnomers

There is a misconception that once mold is dead, the area is safe. Though dead, it can still release spores. Black mold encompasses 20,000 species of mold. Mold doesn’t have to be black to be toxic, nor is all black mold toxic. There are many misbeliefs about mold, but the truth is that you absolutely don’t want mold in your Grand Prairie building. The best indicator for bad mold is your own body as sometimes health problems get blamed on other things when the culprit is mold.

Mold Remediation in Grand Prairie

Mold testing is the beginning of any mold testing process in Grand Prairie. It might take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on where it is located, and if any looks hidden. For both legal and health reasons, we may take air or surface samples. We’ll draft up an action plan for mold removal, which may include HVAC decontamination, removal of insulation, drywall or studs, cleansing of your personal belongings or more. We will get harmful mold spots out of your building in an efficient, professional manner.

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