Lead Paint Removal: Lead Paint Testing, Inspection, Abatement & More in Grand Prairie, TX

Your intestines, nervous system, kidneys and heart are most at risk to the negative effects of lead exposure. Children and pregnant women are the most at-risk in lead exposure. The exposed person might complain of fatigue, nausea, headache and abdominal pain. In the long term, there might be numbness of the hands and feet, short term memory loss and damage to the reproductive, nervous and reproductive systems. We can perform safe and extensive lead paint testing and lead paint removal in Grand Prairie.

Lead Paint’s Use in Grand Prairie, Explained

It was the Romans who discovered they could use lead in everyday objects like their piping for drinking water. It was a popular additive for paint both for color, and because it created a more durable, faster drying, moisture resisting paint often used on exposed metal, children’s toys and the interior of buildings. In the late 1970s the United States banned the use of lead in paint. Today, these dangerous paints can still exist in your Grand Prairie building. Our lead abatement crew can eliminate it.

The Misconceptions of Lead in your Grand Prairie Property

Gasoline and paint no longer contain lead additives these days. But their decades of popularity and use are cause for concern today. By best estimates, 1.2 million children in the United States showed elevated lead levels in their blood from 1999-2010. They probably weren’t sitting around eating paint chips as the common misconception suggests, but instead they were inadvertently inhaling it as dust. Lead paint testing is vital in finding if a building in Grand Prairie needs lead abatement to become safe.

Grand Prairie Lead Paint Removal

Surfaces containing lead paint can be managed and sealed off or completely removed. Our lead risk assessors in Grand Prairie can help decide. There are paints and coverings that can seal off the problem paint, but removal is often the best option. We use special suits, negative air machines, HEPA sanders and seal off the area. Before, during and after the removal we use particulate machines that detect airborne lead, to be sure that we have removed the hazard entirely from your Grand Prairie building.

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