Asbestos Removal: Asbestos Testing, Inspection, Abatement & More in Garland, TX

Asbestos has been in the spotlight in recent years for the health issues it can cause. The fibers can be easily inhaled and can find their way into the lungs, causing risk for fibrotic lung disease and potentially damaging the lining of the chest cavity. Most asbestos in Garland buildings today lies dormant, but airborne asbestos has the ability to cause serious health damage. Our asbestos inspection services in Garland will find where asbestos is hiding, then our asbestos abatement system will remove it from your building.

Asbestos in Garland Buildings

Asbestos was common in building construction in Garland from the 1930s into the 1980s. Older buildings might have asbestos in the glue behind ceiling or floor tiles or in the tiles themselves, counter tops, fire doors, siding or shingles. From 1930 through 1950, asbestos was a common insulation. Until it was banned in 1977, it wasn’t uncommon to find asbestos in textured paint or patching compounds. Using asbestos testing to find the problem then using asbestos abatement to remove it ensures your Garland building is safe.

Myths of Asbestos in Your Garland Property

Mesothelioma, lung cancer and other forms of cancer have recently been tied to asbestos exposure. There are many, often dangerous, misbeliefs about asbestos. For instance, the United States has not banned all asbestos-containing products. There are flooring and roofing products that contain asbestos and are still being manufactured today. Some forms are actually still used in new building construction. Perhaps the most dangerous myth is that anyone can handle asbestos removal. Only properly trained technicians with proper equipment should attempt asbestos inspection and removal.

Garland Company Performs Asbestos Removal

Our trained asbestos testing technicians in Garland know where to look for asbestos in your building, from pipe insulation to flooring and tile glue backing. We will document our findings and draft an asbestos abatement plan. Using asbestos particulate sensors before, during and after our work ensures minimal particles have become airborne. Those that become airborne will be subdued by our negative air machines. When the work is finished, the asbestos will be removed from all the areas that we cleaned.

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