Mold Testing & Inspection in Fort Worth, TX

Do you have a mold problem? Are you unsure if you have a dangerous mold growing at your Fort Worth property? At HP EnviroVision, we can help with mold inspection and testing for your property. Our experts can identify the source of a mold problem and make a plan to deal with it accordingly. Once we have identified the problem, we can completely clear your Fort Worth property of any sign of the bacteria.

Reasons to Hire for Black Mold Testing

You may decide to have your Fort Worth property tested for mold for a number of reasons. Perhaps it is due to a musty smell, or you can see water damage somewhere your Fort Worth property. Our experts will use these to determine the source of the mold and undertake the remediation processes. Don’t let your Fort Worth property be overrun by black mold; call our experts as soon as you think you have a problem, and they will be there soon to help.

Mold Inspection for Fort Worth Properties

Most of the time, our experts can perform a visual mold inspection to locate any obvious growths on your property and begin to take care of it right away. They will inspect the mold to discover what water source contributed to it, and fix that problem. Then we can begin to remove the mold from your Fort Worth property and clean and disinfect the affected area. By letting us do a visual inspection instead of sending away for a test, we can not only save you some money but also address the problem quicker.

Fort Worth Mold Testing

Reliable and accurate mold testing can be expensive to undertake as a personal project in Fort Worth. Typical testing does not check for the different types of mold or if that mold is dangerous. Our experts can do professional black mold testing can be done on your property to ensuring it is done properly. Don’t take the risk of doing a mold test on your Fort Worth property yourself, let our experts handle it for you.

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Get in touch with HP EnviroVision today for a high-quality environmental construction firm in Fort Worth. We are fully equipped and comply with EPA guidelines for abatement and remediation of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, and mold. HP EnviroVision is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to tackle environmental construction projects of any size. Do not risk your health by hesitating, contact us for a free estimate.

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