Asbestos Mitigation & Abatement in Fort Worth, TX

At HP EnviroVision, we know that asbestos mitigation is an entire production. When we work on the asbestos abatement for your Fort Worth property, we will make sure to follow our safety procedures and policies so that you are safe from the dangers of asbestos. After our asbestos abatement contractors have finished, your Fort Worth property will be ready for whatever renovations or demolition you had originally planned. When you need asbestos dealt with on your Fort Worth property, we will be more than happy to help.

Marking Off the Area for Asbestos Mitigation in Fort Worth

As we begin your asbestos mitigation, we will close off the work area on your Fort Worth property. This is so the asbestos materials don’t spread to the rest of your Fort Worth property while we work on removing it. With plastic sheeting sealing the area off and signs placed to warn of hazards, we will work to make sure you and any guests you may have on your Fort Worth property remain safe.

Fort Worth Asbestos Abatement Waste

Since asbestos is dangerous, we have to work to keep it in a safe condition for disposal. While we are working as your asbestos abatement contractor, we will work to prevent large amounts of asbestos material dust under control to keep it from spreading to the rest of your Fort Worth property. In conjunction with the area being sealed off, this is accomplished by wetting down the materials and working to keep from breaking up the asbestos any more than necessary.

Cleaning up as Your Asbestos Abatement Contractor

Once all of the affected material is torn down, we will place the asbestos materials in special bags which are then sealed. These bags are placed in a special trailer to be removed from your Fort Worth property. Then a HEPA vacuum is used on the affected area of your property to remove any additional particles and fibers. Our experts will test the air and surfaces to ensure that all of the asbestos has been removed from your property.

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