Asbestos Removal: Asbestos Testing, Inspection, Abatement & More in Carrollton, TX

Asbestos is not something to be taken lightly. In recent years, the health problems caused by asbestos have really come to light. The fibers are easily inhaled and carried into the lower regions of the lung where they can cause fibrotic lung disease and changes in the lining of the chest cavity. Our experts in Carrollton can perform asbestos testing followed by asbestos abatement to remove this dangerous material from your home or business once and for all.

Asbestos in Carrollton Buildings

From the 1930s through the 1980s asbestos was a common building material in Carrollton structures. If it is still in your building, it might be in your floor or ceiling tiles or the glue behind the shingles, siding and other places. Buildings erected between 1930 and 1950, if they are still original, might have asbestos insulation in them. Textured paint and patching compounds often used asbestos until it was banned in 1977. A quick asbestos inspection can verify its presence in your Carrollton building.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Asbestos in Carrollton

Asbestos in your Carrollton property can lead to conditions like mesothelioma, lung cancer and other forms of cancer. But there are many misconceptions regarding asbestos. Not all asbestos-containing products have been banned in the United States. Flooring and roofing products containing asbestos are still manufactured and can be used in new building construction. The worst myth is that asbestos removal is a DIY project when in reality, only professionals with proper equipment should attempt asbestos abatement, and can safely do so.

Carrollton’s Premier Asbestos Removal Services

Our professionals will perform an asbestos inspection of your Carrollton building. Asbestos testing might turn up its presence anywhere, from door gaskets on old furnaces to popcorn ceilings. After, we’ll draft a plan to safely remove your asbestos. We use particle sensors during and after our work to ensure that asbestos has been safely removed. Our negative air machines make sure the particles, if they become airborne, are flushed out. We will remove this dangerous element from your building.

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